Monday, November 8, 2010

Tomio Koyama gallery

At Kiyozumi-Sirakawa station
There are two kinds of gallery, commercial gallery and rental space gallery in Japan.

Tomio Koyama Gallery(TKG) is the most famous Japanese commercial gallery.

I went there to learn management of gallery.

TKG is located at Kiyozumi-Sirakawa in Tokyo.

Kiyozumi-Sirakawa is known to Kiyozumi Park

but typical Japanese town.

There is no gallery except for TKG around there.

TKG is  on 5-6F in transfer company building.

Next to its building is taxi company.

Aoyama and Ropponngi  are artistic fashionable area in Tokyo,

but Kiyozumi-Sirakawa isn't.

I was amazing ...

The important thing is not location but management.

I thought....

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