Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Multidimensional Eye

My latest artwork entitled " Multidimensional eye." drawn by encaustic.Main concept is that the world is multidimensional cosmos.If we look around the world in open mind,we can understand that is true.What I want to insist is that universe is like facets of diamond and we have eyes to be able to percieve them.Bright color drops are the facets of cosmos and each dimension.I hope my image can be felt by everyone... 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Flying Houou

This artwork was drawn in 2004. This was the first time to get the prize in art conpetition in Japan.
" Houou " is well-known symbol in Japan or China.In Eastern Art world, traditional motif.Houou is the symbol of happiness and prosperity.But for me,it is the metaphor of lives, shadowing on the  Phoenix image.Brightening, flying Houou reminds me of flareing, passionate Phoenix.In those days,I wanted to express light of lives as well as "Moon Butterfly",so selected Houou as next symbol.I thought it is very important that we feel happy to live every day by itself. Living is happy and grateful.The applause of lives.....I wanted to draw..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Moon Butterfly

 This art was made in 2004. In those days, I was mainly drawing by pastel.
Because I like pastel tone like feeling fresh air and light. Basically, I draw inspirative images in my mind rather than landscape virtually I can see.Moon does not brighten by itself. It is shining by reflecting sun light.
Butterfly drawn in the center is the symbol of lives.All lives like human beings, animals and plants can live by recieving energy from cosmos ( we can call it God.)In this meaning, lives are very similar with moon.I have much respect for lives, cosmos and God. My artworks are songs in praise of them.

This artwork is sold as piezograph in Gallery YUKA.If you are interested in, you can visit on the Internet.
                  Gallery YUKA  http://gallery-yuka.ocnk.net/

Friday, January 7, 2011


This photo book is about marchandise packages in the world.These pakages make us happy simply when bringing with us.

Asian Tea-oriental mood

Colorful Japanese noodles!!
Sapporo Ichiban
 Very cute!!! making me happy!!
" which is Japanese noodle, this package is different from that sold in Japan.Pink package is more cute rather than  original package.
My favorites

Monday, January 3, 2011

My Artworks in 2004

Flying Houou
In 2004, I wanted to express " light."  Especially,what I was interested in was light as an origin of life energy. But if drawing light as light,I thought that it was difficult to make people understand the concept of artworks.After I struggled how to do it, I applied the symbols which had been used in Eastern philosophy. Houou or dragons have been respected as the symbols of life energy or spiritualism.
                                                                                                                          Golden Dragons

               Next, what I used was " Dolphins." Dolphins are a kind of mammals. It looks like they are very confortable and relax when they swim.Their life energy is much more brightening.I miss freedom as dolphins swim. So,I expressed happiness and pleasure which they might feel when swimming.

The Crystal of the Sun
 The 3rd, what I was interesed in was the crystal,Sun and Moon.Sun gives all of lives energy, Moon makes lives pure. In Crystal , molecules are lined regularly.Why are molecules lined so regularly? I was fascinated with light of lives.But the more persuing about life energy, the more I wanted to know the mystery of lives.

Moon Butterfly