Friday, February 4, 2011

Nature System

Nature System
 encaustic, 727×606mm

My latest art work entitled " Nature System" is drawn for my coming exhibition.This exhibition is conducted at natural food & macrobiotic restaurant MOMINOKI HOUSE in Tokyo,Japan.As you can see,the title is my theme at this time. Matching with the concept of MOMINOKI HOUSE, I selected this theme.In Eastern philosophy, Dharma is traditionally the symbol of the law of cosmos or nature system. The difference with my art and traditional dharma is that I added spiritual light to dharma.I aimed the fusion of Eastern and Western.There is quite difference with Eastern philosophy and Western.But I suggest the future of human beings is opened as East and West is fused and we can draw hopeful supervision .

Exhibition  NATURE

2-18-15 Jingu-mae Shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan

12/Feb. Sat. - 25/Feb. Fri.

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  1. Hikari......i really like the brightness, the geometry, and the of luck with your exhibition! Sue♥