Monday, January 3, 2011

My Artworks in 2004

Flying Houou
In 2004, I wanted to express " light."  Especially,what I was interested in was light as an origin of life energy. But if drawing light as light,I thought that it was difficult to make people understand the concept of artworks.After I struggled how to do it, I applied the symbols which had been used in Eastern philosophy. Houou or dragons have been respected as the symbols of life energy or spiritualism.
                                                                                                                          Golden Dragons

               Next, what I used was " Dolphins." Dolphins are a kind of mammals. It looks like they are very confortable and relax when they swim.Their life energy is much more brightening.I miss freedom as dolphins swim. So,I expressed happiness and pleasure which they might feel when swimming.

The Crystal of the Sun
 The 3rd, what I was interesed in was the crystal,Sun and Moon.Sun gives all of lives energy, Moon makes lives pure. In Crystal , molecules are lined regularly.Why are molecules lined so regularly? I was fascinated with light of lives.But the more persuing about life energy, the more I wanted to know the mystery of lives.

Moon Butterfly

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