Monday, January 17, 2011

Flying Houou

This artwork was drawn in 2004. This was the first time to get the prize in art conpetition in Japan.
" Houou " is well-known symbol in Japan or China.In Eastern Art world, traditional motif.Houou is the symbol of happiness and prosperity.But for me,it is the metaphor of lives, shadowing on the  Phoenix image.Brightening, flying Houou reminds me of flareing, passionate Phoenix.In those days,I wanted to express light of lives as well as "Moon Butterfly",so selected Houou as next symbol.I thought it is very important that we feel happy to live every day by itself. Living is happy and grateful.The applause of lives.....I wanted to draw..


  1. always i feel this. your pieces have alchemy power sometimes are mysterious. thank you for google friend. this thoughtful blog is happy virus to me.